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Cowbridge Physic Garden. Limestonewall with lime pointing and coping.

Community park wall, Gorseinon. Dry stone, blue pennant wall with mortared coping.


Fabian Way, Swansea. Feature wall/retaining wall with mortar back fill.
Private garden, Rhondda Cynnon Taff. Blue pennant stone wall with mortar fill and coping

cottage wall

Private garden, Caerphilly. Rebuild of wall, mortar fill and pointing.

Private garden Nantgarw. Rebuild of retaining wall.














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Waterfront wall, Swansea. Blue pennant face with mortar fill Village wall, Trelewis. Blue Pennant faced wall with mortar fill.


Bellevue Park, Newport  

ma faces

bellevue pavillion

bellevue 4


Belle Vue is a public park that opened in 1894. A hundred years later, Belle Vue Park was in urgent need of repair because of general deterioration and subsequent vandalism. In 1996 CADW gave the pavilion, conservatories and terracing Grade II listed status and extended this to the gates, gate piers, lodges and tea house in 2000. Following a successful bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund, Newport City Council is recreating the original Edwardian planting scheme and restoring the park buildings.

As part of this restoration effort we carried out repairs to the pavilion terraces and park boundary walls. We rebuilt pillars, repaired walls, rebuilt and repaired various sections of the ornate terracotta decoration (including sloping balustrade, coping, pillar caps and balls).

Riverside Park, Mountain Ash  

The regeneration of Riverside Park by Rhondda Cynon Taff Council has transformed the land on which the Mountain Ash Colliery buildings once stood. The area is now landscaped parkland with newly planted mountain ash trees. The park has new walkways, mosaics and stone walls incorporating artistic sculpture and stone features. Working mainly from artist sketches, this was a challenging, yet enjoyable, project to be invovled with. Throughout the project we worked closely with the council architect and the commissioned artist from Acanthus Studios, London. The stone work required by the artist incorporated curved, undulating walls, curved cheekends, arches, a natural stone bench, triangular recesses, circle recesses and feature construction incorporating artists work. The walls are also connected from one side of the river to the other by a speech pipe telephone. Really. The park is a big success with local community. The featured walls and sculpture get a lot of positive attention. The park regeneration project won the British Architect Landscape Award in 2008.

The theme of the park, with it's gargoyles and eagles, relates to the legend of Hebe in Greek mythology. Hebe, the goddess of youth and cup bearer to the gods, takes a golden chalice filled with the elixir of eternal youth to them each day. One day demons steal the chalice from her. Hebe sends a golden eagle to pursue the demons and a mighty battle takes place. Legend says wherever a feather or drop of blood fell from the eagle, a Mountain Ash tree wood grow. Mountain Ash so named (at least in English) because of the abundance of mountain ash trees that once grew there. The chalice is hidden somewhere among the art work of the park.

arch face in wall
Feature arch wall. Blue pennant stone with recessed mortar pointing. Sculpture by Acanthus. Curved circular featured cheekend wall. Dragon back coping


Car Park wall. Sculpture recessed inset in blue pennant stone wall

m chalice

Wall end feature. Straight wall incorporated into a stone feature 'chalice'.


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Car park. Low wall inset with sculpture. Solid blue pennant cheekends with sandstone flat coping

Footbridge rear of Mountain Ash railway stationFeature wall with mortar fill and pointing

























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wall before

Collapsed Retaining Wall. Boundary wall, Darryn Park, Ferndale, collapsed wall. Before

wall after

Rebuilt Retaining Wall. Darryn Park, Ferndale. After.

parade block wall

Retaining wall rebuild. Original stone faced against breeze block inner wall.

retaining wall

Retaining wall, Pontypridd. Completed


Bettws Village Gateways

These wall sculptures mark the entrances of Bettws village, Bridgend, with the village name carved in the red sandstone monolith uprights (carving by Paul Strange). This was a collaborative project between Bridgend County Council, Valleys to Coast and Betws Primary School. The sculpture, designed by Nigel Talbot, contained artworks designed by local children. Each plaque relief depicts an example of the local wildlife with the names of the children who made them. This was a challenging project due to the complexity of the design including curves, sweeps and waves in the courses, varying wall height and the gradient of the site. The project engaged with the whole community, with many residents knowing the children involved with the project. The walls were a success with local people and also featured in the local press.

standing stones

Red sandstone monolith carved place name

computer generated design

Computer generated design of proposed North site.

. bettws north

Bettws Gateway North of village completed

cross section

View of sculpture from above

cross section 2

Interweaving of wall sections


Close up of stonework.

art work

Artwork by pupils of Betws primary school

pillars down

Hand rail pillars. The existing hand rail was removed and three stone pillars were constucted to incorporate a new pre-fabricated tubular handrail. This required some intricate stonework to accommodate the tube work and complete the pillars.

pillars up


bettws south

Bettws Gateway South of village



Artist drawing of Bettws south gateway


Angel Way regeneration scheme







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Circular feature wall on roundabout, Aberbargoed.

Capping was a cast match of existing in village, cut to fit the curve of the circle


Angel Way roundabout. Brecon red sandstone.

Angel Way boundary wall



  Trelewis Primary School  

As part of Trelewis Primary School 25th year celebrations a feature wall was commissioned to be built on school grounds. The theme of the wall is people and local wildlife. It incorporates ceramic artwork made by the school children along with local artist Caroline Croft. We were asked to design and build a similar wall to that at Mountain Ash. The wall is built at an acute angle and on sloping ground. The structure includes recessed arches, inset round plaques and faces, a seating area and 3D sculptures of a badger, frog, foxes, squirrels, doves, owls, rabbits, sparrows and a choir. The design has an undulating top, sweeping curves and tapered wallends. The wall is built from blue pennant sandstone, coursed, with recessed mortar joints topped with 'dragons back' coping. The project was a great success proving popular with the children, parents and teachers. It also made the front page of the Merthyr Express.


celebratory wall




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Seating area using stone slabs from original school 1901

Childrens faces and frog in recessed arch


Sun flower in tapered wall end


School emblem and badger


Squirrel (or a joyous Basil Brush!) in recessed arch

Owl in recessed arch




Ceramic tile wildlife feature

choir feature

The Choir


front page paper


paper p7